DrugWipe® A

Tests for the detection of drugs on drugs, sweat (skin), saliva and surfaces 

Catalog NuProductNumber of Tests
DrugWipe® 1 A  
A101ADrugWipe® 1 A Cannabis (Marijuana/Hashish/THC)25
A102ADrugWipe® 1 A Cocaine / Crack25
A103ADrugWipe® 1 A Opiates (Morphine/Heroin)25
A104ADrugWipe® 1 A Amphetamines/Methamphetamines/Ecstasy25
DrugWipe® 2 A  
A201ADrugWipe® 2 A Cannabis (Marijuana/Hashish/THC), Amphetamines/ Methamphetamines/ Ecstasy25
A203ADrugWipe® 2 A Cocaine / Crack Opiates (Morphine/Heroin)25
DrugWipe® 5 A  
A501ADrugWipe® 5 A Cannabis (Marijuana/Hashish/THC), Amphetamines/    Methamphetamines/Ecstasy, Cocaine / Crack,Opiates (Morphine/Heroin)25